Team :

Fausto Pelanda and Christian Baehler
Fausto Pelanda
Fausto Pelanda
Christian Baehler
Christian Baehler

To test their concept, the two designers entrust their guitar Johnny Dan Visan.


Johnny D. Visan is a real young talented guitarist ( Always ready for challenges, he gives his impressions and suggests some ideas of improvements.


The PB GUITAR Team thanks him for his collaboration and his musical ability.


This original idea comes from Fausto Pelanda (born in 1970). Working in a workshop of sheetmetal in the Canton of Fribourg (Switzerland), he knows very well the properties of this material : the stainless steel.


To put this project in well, he takes as partner his friend, Christian Baehler (born in 1953), who is a real expert in customization of his own guitars for more than 40 years.

Both guitarists, together and after a few years of mode-lization, conceptualization and development, they tune their first models : the Pelanda-Baehler Guitar is born in 2012.


So both designers and Swiss luthiers create an electric guitar with a totally new concept100 % stainless steel construction (1.4301 or 304) combining craftmanship and high technology.


The two craftmen have a real passion for building their guitars.The design is very important, but also the sound, the ergonomics and the play comfort. They pay attention to every step of the process down to the smallest details of the products : each PB GUITAR is an unique and high-end instrument.


Their objective is to introduce in the Music World an original and fonctional instrument that can provide, both traditional and innovative or futuristic musicians, new horizons of sound inspirations.

Johnny D. Visan