Description of the PELANDA-BAEHLER GUITAR :

The Pelanda-Baehler Guitar is a new swiss registred mark (since 2013) of electric guitar, 100 % stainless steel, with an original shape design. Every PB GUITAR is a handmade and a high-end instrument.


Without amplification, the PB GUITAR's sound is rich in harmonics. Chords are defined and well balanced.


When amplified, the larsen problem known on acoustic jazz guitars is corrected by a new type of neck. The guitar provides a lot of attack in the medium-highs register.


The drive sound is powerful and precise with a large spectrum. The sustain stays present because of the chrome-iron-nickel alloy. 


Thanks to the stainless steel rigidity, the instrument allows to play from jazzy phrasings to rock or metal riffs. The flat fingerboard is suitable for shredding.

Technical specifications of the PELANDA-BAEHLER GUITAR :


  • Material : Stainless steel (1.4301 or 304)

  • Finish : Different styles of special reflection by brushing or grinding

  • Shape : Flat top with a chamfer as forearm, slimeline type hollow-body with 2 cutaways / PB GUITAR design


NECK  / Special concept

  • Material ; Stainless steel (1.4301 or 304)

  • Shape : "C" shape

  • Scale length : 24.75 Inches (628.65 mm)

  • Fingerboard : Stainlness steel, flat, screwed on the neck

  • Frets : Stainless steel, 24, handmade finished

  • Nut : Stainless steel, adjustable and interchangeable according to the strings gauge



  • Pickups : Seymour Duncan SH2-SH4 or Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis

  • Controls : 2 volume controls (300K), 1 tone control (500K), 1 three-way toggle switch / Gibson

  • Electronic routing : Special double shielded wire with several grounding



  • Tuning machines : Spertzel Trim-Lok

  • Bridge : Schaller 3D-6

  • Knobs : Original knobs with "PB" inscribed

  • Pickup covers : Original covers with "PB" crossing



  • Strings : Elixir Strings

  • Included : Different sizes of nuts, case

  • Weight : About 10.2 Ibs (4.6 kgs)

  • Specific features : Special resistance to tension, to friction, to abrasion, to moisture and to thermal shock

  • Prices on demand