Artist :

Biography :

Johnny Dan Visan, born in 1977 and originally from Sweden, is an experienced and enthusiatic professional musician and composer.


Raised in a musical environment, he started to play violin at the age of 3. During the 80’s, Johnny studied violin and musical theory at the Malmö Music Academy (Sweden).


In the Early 90's, he moved to Switzerland and began studying the guitar with M. Francis Coletta.


Among many other musical projects, Johnny was honored to be member of the Swiss Jury for the Eurovision Song Contest, shared stage for a "Jam" with "Guitar Hero" Steve Vai during his European Master Class Tour, played and recorded with the legendary pianist Patrick Moraz (Yes, Moody Blues).


Johnny is actually a working musician in Europe, founded his Guitar School ( and is "on call" for workshops and for recording and musical sessions.

PB GUITAR and Johnny D. Visan :

Fausto Pelanda met Johnny Dan Visan in 1993 : at this time, both attented the same musicians friends and Johnny D. Visan ended up giving him lessons.


After be lost sight of for a few years and being aware of his vast experience in the field of music and guitar, Fausto Pelanda recontacted Johnny D. Visan in 2012 to present him the first prototype of the Pelanda-Baehler Guitar : he was very excited about the project and accepted the deal to present this new guitar at Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt.


Johnny D. Visan said :


"The PB GUITAR is an unique instrument and believe me a quite amazing one !

The guys from PB took guitar building a step further by creating an original instrument : in fact, the PB GUITAR is the first 100 % stainless steel guitar in the World !

It is a real pleasure and honor to collaborate with the PB GUITAR Team as guitarist at the Frankfurt Messe 2014 !"